Ilosvai Selymes Péter Folk Dance Group

The basics of the group were established in the end of the fourties of the last century. The group was founded on the basis of the theatrical movement. It keeps the folk traditions alive and was an active component of the Czechoslovak and Hungarian culture.
The leaders of the group in the fifteenth of the last century were Július Bulyko, later Júlia Bogolyová, Margita Takácsová and František Horváth.

In this era the group had no regularity. It was reached in the time when František Snyír jr. becamed a leader.

The artistic name Ilosvai Selymes Péter was taked in 1974. The group was and is invited to all prestige folk festivals at home and at foreign countries, too (Hungary, Romania 1993, Spain 1998, France 1997, 2000, 2002 and Belgium 2003, 2004). From 1980 the state farm in Velka Ida becames the helper of the group. In 1986 the leadership was taked by Ing. Andrej Demko.

The musical support was firstly assigned to the folk music band Csámborgó and later to the band Csurgó. The choreographers in this time were Michal Richtarcsik and Rita Furik and later Péter Zsolt attached.

In 1988 the group reached the first place in the national folk festival in Želiezovce together with the award for the best choreography. In 1990 was a participant of the Anthology in Budapest. On the competence of amateur folk ensembles in Hungary, in 1996, 2000 the group was “qualified” and in 2002, 2004 “nobly qualified”. On the Nagykálló festival (Hungary), in 1999,2005 the group was “Highly awarded”, in 2001, 2005 reached the “Martin György folk association award” and in 2005 “Award of the city of Nagykálló”.

The group have about 35-40 performances in year. The leaders of the group are Michal Kupec and Andrea Kupecová.

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