Igrice Folk Dance Group Non-profit Association

Nyíregyháza and the county is a unique collecting place of folk art’s materials and intellectual values. Few decades ago, traditional village nuptials, the Easter sprinkling, Christmas pastoral plays or the countryman dancing evenings, balls were the every day’s realities.
The Igrice Folkdance Group is one of the heirs of this rich Hungarian folk traditions. Since 1983 the group is collecting promoting and adapting the Carpathian basin’s Hungarian musical and dancing heritage.

In their repertoire, next to their close home, East Hungary’s dances, they vivify the dancing traditions of the Transdanubian, the Great Hungarian Plain’s Hungarians and the Hungarian people living in Slovakia and Transylvania (Romania).

The Igrice’s dancers searching for recording and systematizing until today the traditional countryman culture’s traceable values on their own-designed ethnographic collecting trips.
Video and voice records keeps the nuptials, dance evening programmes and the for centuries inheritable habit melodies and folk-songs.

The Igrice Folkdance Group organizes often barn dances, where they teach for the urban children and adults the basic steps of the „csárdás”, „ugrós”, „legényes” or „forgatós”. They serve the city and the county’s celebrations with 10-90 minutes long folklore programmes 60-70 times yearly. The group takes part on the regularly organized professional events too.

Since it has been established, the folk dance group travelled to many countries of Europe.
Next to the neighbour countries where the Hungarians live in minorities, the group has been on tours in Germany, Italy, Estonia, Poland, Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Greece, France too in the past years.

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