The project implementation finished, the achievements can be summarized as follows:

The two participated project partners established a long term cooperation: during the frequent and continuous common events friendships formed in both groups: between the professional staff, and between the volunteers as well: and future projects started to form. The CBC Ensemble as a common performance of the two partners will searching for new opportunities to get onto the stage again.

The aimed communication elements helped to successfully organize the two major events of the program with outstanding interest: the Folk Art Conference in Slovakia, and the Gala Show in Hungary. The closing press conference in Nyíregyháza attracted most of the participants of the local media: two television interview were made.

The online campaign was very effective: the number of the visitors of the facebook page of B1 increased numerously, the effect is still noticeable although the activity itself has finished.

The ethnographical research has reached its goal, our ethnographical collection has upgraded, and even more interesting results was born on the field of folklore: a hand-written guide to bridesmen on contemporary weddings , multi-hour audio and video recordings, and research reports that record the circumstances and details of the fieldwork.

The Gala show is completed. The event had 1051 spectators above the dancers and musicians participated in the performance on 01.12.2019 in the Continental Arena in Nyíregyháza. The income of the Show was almost enough to support the extra cost of a LED wall (as an interactive background of the stage), what was not planned in the project budget.

EPIC program is for visualizing the products of the cooperation, it consist of a website, a connected mobile application (available on IOS and Android platforms as well in Hungarian, and Slovakian language), and an online database of the ethnographical research.

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