About the project

Different nationalities live together in the border region for decades, creating a common – but differing in detail – cultural heritage. The overall objective of our program is revitalizing the folk music and folk dance traditions with the cooperation of two relevant professional representatives: creating new cultural products both for the public and professionals. Serving the purpose, we are planning to implement the further activities:

Workshops will be organized in Velká Ida and Nyíregyháza for deepening the cooperation and establishing the common activities: presenting artistic styles represented by Ensembles to each other: learning and teaching new steps, dances, choreographs aiming to form a unique CBC Ensemble. Enriching the professional program, the Partners research the relevant border region collecting music and dances. The collected – and other selected lesser-known – elements will be recorded and refined between studio circumstances with the participation of professional artists and presented in a study with full description.

„For All the Folks”: 2 elements are planned for reaching the wider public
Road Shows: 5 cross-border events will be organized in the chosen cities of the border area involving relevant local cultural organizations. A full night Gala Show is for representing the result of cooperation performed by the CBC Ensemble, furthermore shooting a 50 minutes concert film and broadcasting both side of the border.
Aiming to facilitate the online learning of folk dances to everybody interested an Educational Purposive Interactive Collection – database and software engine – will be developed.

For professionals the “Traditions today and tomorrow” folk art conference aims to present good practices and know-how to vitalize cultural traditions with the participation of professional organizations from both sides of the border.

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